Friday, 25 May 2007

The final, before the final!!

We are DONE with the written report !

25 pages with script and total 67 pages with all the pictures and appedix. At 16.oo today we send everything over to HC grafisk to print our exam! We will be able to use the long weekend to make the final presentation for Startup Company on tuesday the 29th of May and for the examination thursday the 7th of June !

Tuesday is also the day where we say thank you to everybody in Startup and head home to Århus in Thoma's fantastic car!
This month has been superduper ower here in Copenhagen, we have had our ups and downs, but in all we have learned so much and had a really good project.

Looking forward to see you all from our lovely TEAM 13 in Århus soon!

BIG hug

Anders, Jacob, Torben, Thomas and Me (Tone )!!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Under 7 days left!

Panic is reaching far these days - or NOT! We are moving on really nice and the lot are writing on the report for the school, presentations for prototyping and for our partner/customer. This means long working hours with little spare time. We were fortunate enough to have a visit from the Borneo Group who have touched Danish ground again today. With a lot of the luggage, which they left with us prior to their departure, they were driven ti Christianshavn in order to get installed for their writing process. (It is always nicer/better to be two...) ;)

To night there will be a big football match. This means Beers and "flæskesvær" (grise bolcher etc.), as I'm not the keenest person on watching football I hope that I'll finish up our model/prototype/VECH tonight, and maybe post a picture of the finished model.

Pilfingerzone... What is that - ya might ask, well stay tuned within the next week, then we might be able to show you the real entrepreneurial deal, for kingom to come.

Stay on both of your feet...
- Torben

PS: The hobbit is still alive

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The Horizon is getting closer...

Here is a little update from the cold but sunny and warm north. We are still doing great and we can now see that our deadlines are moving closer by the minute. This puts us under some pressure but so fare that has not stressed us. We simply look forward to seeing what will happen at our test this friday and how our presentation will go after the weekend.

We are in a phase where we are occupied by our mac's and phones and that does not leave room for a whole lot of social activities, therefor we are all looking forward to seeing Liverpool loose tomorrow night (may they crash and burn in Athens - Forza Italia! Forza Milan!) Well... Everything in Copenhagen is great and we can't wait to see how the world will welcome our project!

Peace and keep it real!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Since the last post...

Thursday we had a short visit from Kasper. We served him brunch and talked a little bit about the final stages in of our project. It was really good to see him and he had some good points for us on how to make our final product as good possible. The good Mr. Kasper seemed really ready for some vacation time :)
Friday we went a little deeper in defining the actual content in our VECH and took some decisions on that - worked more on setting the frames for our test / workshop this coming friday. We have invited some interesting people to come and try out a prototype of our VECH - so thats going to be fun! Friday afternoon Mr. Big Drøn went home to Jylland to attend a 70 years birthday party.. woowoo! Thomas went to have a hair cut, and not just any haircut, but a haircut from Camillas friend Ronni who has the "X-salon", where he usually trims hair in very intimate places:-) So Thomas came back with a proud and handsome "Mo-Hawk".. or a "Landing Strip" as some call it! After a good day of work we had some Friday beers at the ITU bar. Again the prices: 1 big Hoegarden beer: 23kr! BOW...! So a fantastic start to a great night where we got joined by Klintons girlfriend Silla and his roommate back from Århus, Kristian. Thomas and Malene had some time together alone and we meet up with them later
and the partied into the night and meet up with Stefan from Startup Company. GREAT!

Sunday started of with Copehagen Marathon running past us just outside our door.
Some people chose to do it the hard way, and brought their own "little" supply vehicle.

Later on Torben and Anders started the prototyping of our Virtual Experience Creative Hub (VECH).

As we see here: Wierd hobbit-like thing on left beeing very scared of knife and very large DRØN on the right beeing very much in doubt on whether or not to cut wierd hobbit-like thing to pieces... (he didn't..)
As we see here: Bob The BodyBuilder very happy! (But where is the hobbit...)

Be careful out there kids...

Wednesday, 16 May 2007


I truly do not know where to begin with what happend today...
Something differently happend. The wheels turned and they turned fast... I will take from the morning. We started our day one man short (or one woman short) as Tone travelled to Oslo Tuesday evening. Strange being four, when your used to be five. The day at the office started with four guys writing on everything they could get their hands on and when the fingers got sore three of them continued to a meeting with Nicolai and Stefan which proved extemely valuable in our furthered process. After the meeting - things really started to happen. Gameplan, Gantt-chart, focus group specification, idea developing phase and the general project really gained speed. Some even got finished. As the afternoon progressed along with our work, so did our hunger. So the four boys decided to head home to Enghave Palace. Here Anders and I cooked homebaked Pizza's, while the two other manly men travelled to the local Silvan to do research on the cost of our beautiful VECH (our prototype - explaination will follow...). Right now we are all working still as the drive is far to great to hold down. We have introduced two new forms of brain foods or brain beverages; strong beers (with golden collars) and red wine - it works wonderes!

Peace out and live the dream!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Kicking of the week

Let's take it back to yesterday, monday the 14th of may .. We had a fantastic rollercoster-ride with lots of great ideas. Jackob Klinton facilitated a cool brainstorming technique called 30 windows. Simple and effective = just the way we like! So. monday great day with small ideas, big ideas, small words and big words. Was it hard? Yes, Sir - But extremely effective!!

Today is tuesday and what a day... We started with buliding on mondays ideas and tried to find the ideas that we liked the best. We had a deadline a 1300hrs where we had planned a meeting with David Madié, one of the founders of Startup Company and a member of the KaosPilot International Board. David is a wise man and saw the potential in our ideas and in true KaosPilot style he builded on them. This created a lot of extra work for us, but also some guidance to where to go annd where to put our resources as we not are able to realize all of the thoughts. At this point we will work on a HUB, for people with different back grounds to get inspired of the entrepreneurial way. The HUB or VECH as it will be called from now on will stimulate the participants in all possible ways. The VECH will initially be placed at jobfairs around the country targetting young people between 18 and 25 years of age! The young people will hopefully get so interested that they will take interest in the "Toolbox" (TM), they are provided with if desired, with them and start work on their creative business idea. The "Toolbox" (TM) will contain different material from our partner to make their business come alive together with idea creation methods as we use at the KaosPilots.

Needless to say, is that all this massive brain activity that we have had these two days, needs lots of energy. Enter the "Bomba" the new Caffeine drink for KaosPilots... Are you flying yet? Well we were after drinking this wonderfull blue drink! Try it, if its near you. Your project will never be the same again after you have tasted this...At nighttime we needed some solid food so we turned to Coc Au Vine with "Koldskål" with caramilized oatmeal for desert.

Dear reader - we are doing good and will soon be prototyping, so stay tuned...

Anders & Torben